• July 1, 2021

The best butt workouts in the country

The top workout mats in Canada are designed to make you look like you’re in the gym and are also designed to work the muscles.

Here are some of the best.


The Squat Rack Gym  $299, Amazon.ca/Squat Rack gym 1.

The Bench Rack Gym $299, Walmart.ca1.

Squatrack gym, a new gym in Vancouver, BC, uses a rack system to get the weight down to the bar and onto the barbell.

The gym is in a quiet part of town, so the gym has an indoor pool and a few different exercise machines, according to the website.

The gym is one of the few that are not a full-on gym and you can do the cardio part, but there are a few options for those who are looking for something a little more challenging.


The Big Squat Gym $269, Amazon1.

This is a new facility in Vancouver that has some pretty impressive equipment, according the website: It is designed to take the big Squat to a whole new level.

It’s the largest in the world and is in the heart of Vancouver.

The floor is built to accommodate more than 200 people.


Big Squats Gym $399, Amazon3.

The bench in the Big Squatters gym, which opened in 2014, has a giant bar and barbell on each side, according Amazon.

Its the biggest in the city, but if you don’t need to do a lot of overhead squats, the bar is only 30 centimetres high.


The Bouldering Gym $499, Amazon4.

This indoor gym in Toronto has a variety of indoor and outdoor climbing equipment, including a gym bench, according The Guardian.


The Power Rack $299.99, Amazon5.

This one in Mississauga is in an outdoor area, but it is in fact a large indoor gym.

Its about 10,000 square feet and it’s one of Canada’s biggest indoor gyms.


Bouldercup Gym $349, Amazon6.

This outdoor gym in Calgary has a lot more space than the indoor gym, but they have an indoor gym as well.

It has indoor climbing and bouldering equipment and can accommodate up to 500 people. 


Bonsai Boulders  (Bonsai) $349.99- $399.991.

Boneskate Boulder  is a Japanese company that has been making Bonsaikis for years.

It makes mats and supports them with bamboo that’s made from bamboo sticks.


The Slicer $499.99.

The first version of this Slicers is $499 for the basic one, $999 for the extra one and $1,999 for a full set.


The Bodyweight Gym $199.99 (limited)1.

Bodyweight is a fitness studio that specializes in bodyweight exercises, but has also made a bodyweight bench and bar.

They also make a pair of mats for people to sit on.

It has a full barbell, which is nice for people who are in the process of losing weight. 

 2. BODYWORKS $149.99(limited)2.

Bodywork is an outdoor studio that focuses on weightlifting, and also has a couple of mats. 

The mats are made from natural wood, and they’re actually made out of a combination of a rubber band and a plastic plate.


BONESKYA $99.99  This studio in Mississant has a few mats, including one for people that want to sit.

It also has some weights and a bench.

You can use it for the day, or just get out and walk around.

We also found the gym to be an excellent workout place.

Boneskya is located in Mississat, but its also in a different part of the city. 


Ski Bodies $299- $499  These studios are located in B.C. and are great for those looking for an indoor workout.

They have an awesome gym bench and they also have some indoor climbing equipment. 


Nike Workout Bodies  ($249.99) This workout studio has some of Canada ‘s top athletes, such as the NHL and the NBA, according To the Star.

They specialize in running, weightlifting and other types of sports, but the studio also offers a few other things like a full bench, barbells and a rack.

Nike is a huge gym chain, and you’ll see them at all the major events. 


Tennis Ball  The Tennis Ball gym in Ottawa is a great workout location, and is known for its indoor and indoor climbing facilities.


Gym Bricks  They have a

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