• July 20, 2021

How to Train for a Body-Piercing Medicine Ball workout

You can train for a body-piercing medicine ball workout if you want to, but you need to be realistic.

First, you’ll want to do a body workout that will last a week, not the month.

Second, you will want to focus on using the same workout routine over and over again.

And finally, you may not be able to find the right exercises that work for you.

Here are 10 of the best body-punishing exercises.


Pushups: Work out in a squat, deadlift, and press up position with your arms straight out and your back straight.

You should have a neutral spine, but do not bend your neck backward.

Do the exercise standing with your shoulders back.


Bench press: Start in the floor or with a box.

Squat down to your chest and hold the bar for a split second.

Hold for five seconds and then push up again to the starting position.

Hold the weight for a second, then push down for a third, then go back up. 3.

Barbell bench press: Stand in the same position as bench press and lift the barbell.

Hold it for five-second reps, then slowly lower the weight.

Repeat for 10-second sets.


Overhead dumbbell flys: Do two reps of the overhead dumbbell flies.

Place a ball on a table or a bench, and slowly push up until the ball lands on your shoulder.

You can start with the same weight you started with on the first set.

Repeat two sets of three reps.


Dumbbell curls: Begin with a dumbbell that is too heavy to lift, but not too heavy.

Hold one dumbbell over the top of the other.

Push up and down slowly, but don’t push yourself out of the range of motion.

Then, hold the dumbbell at the same height over the other dumbbells.

Repeat three sets of eight reps.


Dumbell presses: Lie on your back on the floor, with your elbows bent, with a ball of light material in front of you.

Hold a dumbell and push it against your stomach and shoulder.

Push down as far as you can.

Hold this for five reps and then lift the dumbell up and over the wall.

Repeat 10-seconds sets.


Bar barbell row: Stand on the ground and with one arm overhead, raise the bar barbell in front and back.

Push it down with your back.

Hold two sets.


Bar curl: Sit on the bench and bend the elbows.

Lower the bar to your hips, but keep your elbows up.

Keep your back flat and straight.

Push the bar up and up to your shoulders, pushing the elbows out in the process.

Repeat 3-5 sets.


Dumb-bell fly: Lie back on a bench or a box, and with your legs straight, lower the bar so you’re about halfway down.

Hold with one hand and bend your elbow.

Push your other arm forward until it’s about halfway up.

Hold at the top for 15 seconds.

Repeat 15-seconds.


Dumbel curl: Lie face down on the wall with your hands behind your head.

Hold dumbbell in your hand and press it down to the floor.

Hold 3-second counts for 15 reps.

Do two sets each of two to four reps.


Dumbwall bench: Lie flat on the bed, with both feet on the same side of the bed.

Lie on the opposite side of your body and lift your body with your feet on a flat surface.

Hold in the air with your thumbs and fingers.

Press the weight back down to you, pressing your toes together as you do so.

Repeat 20-seconds intervals.


Dumb wall squat: Lie with your head in your hands on the flat floor.

Squeeze your toes against the floor and raise your hips until you’re at the height of your torso.

Then lower your body to the ground.

Hold three sets for 15-second intervals.


Side plank: Lie down on your stomach with your chest up and hips back.

Bend your knees so you can hold the side plank.

Then turn your hips forward and back to the side, making sure your back is flat.

Keep the weight behind your back until you reach the floor with your heels on the side.

Repeat 25-seconds reps.


Leg curl: Stand with your knees bent.

Bend the knees so they meet your elbows, then lift your leg straight up.

Push a weight up onto your thighs and back down.

Repeat five sets.


Curl pull: Sit with one leg over the edge of a chair, and curl your toes under your legs.

Hold your weight in your chest for five minutes.

Then lift the weight up to the top.

Repeat 5-minute sets.


Shoulder press: Lie facedown on a chair.

Hold both your hands overhead, and place your thumb on your ring finger and middle

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