• July 27, 2021

What’s your workout routine like?

On Friday, Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Abu Dhabi, Mohammed Elmi, met with two gym goers from Abu Dhabi.

The men were part of a new wave of fitness companies launching in the UAE.

One of them is known as the MindFit, an app-based fitness and body-building app which claims to have helped up to 1 million people get fit.

It was created by UAE-based entrepreneur Abdul Hamid, who is known for being a vocal supporter of health and wellness.

The gym members, known as “Dumb” and “Sugar”, both agreed that they would follow a strict workout routine.

They were also keen to share their thoughts on fitness and health in general.

The pair’s workouts, which they did in a studio and on a treadmill, included a full-body workout and stretching routine and also a resistance-training session.

According to them, they both got some sleep, although “Sug” had some difficulty sleeping in the gym after two days.

The team also shared their favourite videos of the workout routines and the best tips they had found for success.

They both also gave their take on why fitness is such a great way to burn calories, as well as how to get fit in the first place.

Their take on the fitness worldIn the videos, they talk about the importance of being physically active, and share their tips on getting fit, dieting and health.

However, it is their take that they felt most passionate about.

“I’m always thinking about how to improve myself,” “Dummy” told the reporter.

“It’s about the way we look after ourselves,” said “Suge” who is also known for his social media presence.

“Being healthy is important to me,” “Brick” added.

“You should be able to see yourself through the whole journey, and to have the right attitude,” “Soda” said.

The women also shared tips on how to make sure you are “doing it right” when it comes to exercise.

“Don’t over-work,” “Hip” said, explaining that exercise is a way of dealing with stress.

“I always make sure to put my mind in order before I exercise,” “Flex” added, pointing out that you need to keep your head in the game and focus on the positives and not on the negatives.

In addition to the fitness routines, the pair also shared the best ways to get your body and mind in shape, and some of their tips for people who are looking to make a difference in their health.

The workout routinesThey also shared some of the best things they have learned about how they can get their fitness routines in order and their tips and tricks for improving their health and wellbeing.

The ladies agreed that the best way to get in shape is to exercise regularly.

“Do a variety of different activities, and I think that’s what makes a person fit,” said Sugar.

However the ladies also agreed that exercise can be difficult for some people.

“Do you want to look healthy?

Or do you want something that’s not fit?” said “Fatty”.”

Do the work, do the work and don’t look down,” said ‘Brick’.

“It’s not about getting fit,” “Fat’ added.

In terms of what the women do to keep themselves healthy, “Dum” said that he likes to eat healthily.”

Sugar” agreed, adding that she does not eat sweets, as she prefers to eat only the foods she needs for her daily routine.”

It has to be a healthy food, it has to have good ingredients, it’s gotta be healthy.”

“Sugar” agreed, adding that she does not eat sweets, as she prefers to eat only the foods she needs for her daily routine.

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