• August 10, 2021

5 of the Best Ab Workouts for the Bodybuilder or Bodybuilder/Bodybuilder/Strength Training enthusiast


Ab Workout for Muscle-Building Athletes (Part 1)  The following is a comprehensive list of the best ab exercises for strength training athletes.

 Most of these are geared towards the bodybuilder or bodybuilder/strength training enthusiast.

If you’re looking to build muscle and bulk, or you’re just looking for a good workout, these are the ab exercises that will get your muscle growing and bulking.

Here are the five best ab workouts for the bodybuilding or strength training enthusiast:1. 

Power Clean and Squat: This is a clean and squat exercise that’s very similar to a power clean.

In this exercise, you lift your chest high and your back low.

Your abs should be on full display in this movement, but your abs shouldn’t be locked into the ground or your abs should flex or curl around your ribcage or chest.

This is an ab exercise that can be performed with either a deadlift or a chin-up barbell.

It’s one of the most popular ab exercises because it’s a great fit for the muscular, but also the flexible athlete.

The exercise should take about 15-20 minutes to complete and you can change the exercises to suit your individual needs.


Push-ups: Push-ups are a great ab exercise for people looking to increase the size of their abs, particularly if they’re interested in increasing the size and strength of their lower back, abs, or both.

You can choose from a variety of push-up variations, and some of them will have you lifting your hips higher and lowering your shoulders down.

Some of these variations include chin-ups, push-ups with a barbell, barbell push-downs, pushdowns with a dumbbell, or even a squatting variation.


Rope Ab Work out: Rope ab workouts are a very popular exercise for strength athletes, especially those looking to gain muscle mass.

They’re also great for people who are looking to bulk up and add more muscle mass, so it’s also a good choice for those looking for something different to work on.

There are a few different variations of rope ab exercises available, and the one that works best for you will depend on your goals.


Biceps Ab Work Out: Biceps ab workout is another popular exercise.

I’m going to use a variety, because you can choose the exercises that are most effective for you.

Most of them involve you lifting one arm, one leg, or a combination of all three arms.

These exercises will involve your abs and shoulders working in the same position, with your elbows and forearms working parallel to your shoulders.

Again, the exercises should take you 15-25 minutes to finish, and you may choose to change the position or movement of your abs, hips, or chest as you see fit.


Seated Ab Work in the Gym: Seated ab work is one of those ab exercises you may want to consider working on to increase your muscular mass.

You can use a bar or a dumbell to work up to standing.

For example, if you’re a bodybuilder, you might want to start by lifting your arms overhead or at a 45-degree angle to the ground and then lowering your arms as you continue to lift your torso to a standing position.

That should take a few minutes to accomplish, and your abs will look and feel great.


Leg Press: Leg press exercises are a popular exercise, especially if you want to gain weight or build muscle mass while you’re building muscle.

Leg presses are great for those with a weak back, especially for those who have shoulder issues or don’t have access to a bench.

To perform a leg press, you’ll do the following:1)Lower your hips as high as you can2)Lower back down into a squat position3)Lower legs as high or as low as you want4)Pull your legs back toward you5)Pull legs apart, allowing your back to hang in place.

As you can see, there are a variety different ways you can perform leg presses.

And you’ll find these exercises on the AbExercise tab on the program.


Chest and Shoulder Press: The chest and shoulder press is another ab exercise you might be interested in, and is one that is great for the flexible and muscular athlete.

It’s a high-rep, high-intensity exercise that involves your abs working in a wide range of positions, from a low position to a full extension position.

It can also be performed as a leg exercise.

The exercises should be performed in a variety and you’ll be able to vary the positions as you like. 8.

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