• August 10, 2021

Why hemsie is the hottest workout shoe on the market

When hemsies first hit the market in 2014, Chris Hemsworth was a hot commodity.

A tall and athletic centre, Hemsie was considered the best athlete on the Irish rugby team, and in 2017 was voted by fans and pundits to be the best centre in the world.

However, since then, the Hemsies popularity has been down.

Hemsie’s popularity has suffered due to his injury, but he continues to work hard and put his body through the rigours of training every day.

A lot of athletes who have had their injuries are able to put on a great show, and he is no exception.

“The training I do is a huge part of why I’ve been able to get to where I am,” Hems, 26, told The Irish Sun.

The Dubliner, who has spent the last two years recovering from his ACL injury, was recently diagnosed with an inflammatory condition called a “non-Hodgkin lymphoma” and is considering the possibility of getting an operation.

I am doing all the tests, he said.

I have been told the cancer is pretty low risk.

But Hems is adamant that his body has not been tested for Hodgkin lymphomas.

He said: “My body has never been tested, never had a test done.”

Despite the fact that Hems has been put through the wringer, the Dubliner says he is still determined to put the injury behind him.

My body is going through this thing and I know I’m going to be able to make it through it, he told The Sun.

He added that he will keep working hard and doing what he can to make himself the best person he can be.

For now, Hemsey is just happy to be in his gym, which is situated in the city centre.

He has been in the gym for four months and said he enjoys it there.

Follow Chris on Twitter @ChrisHmsworth and on Facebook”

I feel good and I feel in the zone,” he added.

Follow Chris on Twitter @ChrisHmsworth and on Facebook

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