• August 17, 2021

When to wear resistance bands

When you’ve been on a treadmill or stair machine for the past month or so, you’ve probably seen that there’s an annoying habit of wearing the same resistance band for every workout.

But why wear resistance band workouts for every muscle group when you can do resistance bands for your whole body? 

If you want to get more out of your training, you should get the most out of resistance bands by not wearing them in isolation.

For example, I know a fitness coach who used to wear the same bands for his entire body when he did workouts, but since he’s now working at a gym with no resistance bands, I can tell you that his workouts were more effective with less effort and less weight loss. 

When you’re trying to find a new way to get results from your workouts, it’s important to think about what you’re actually doing and the types of exercises you’re doing. 

If I were to do a bunch of kettlebell curls and I only have 20 minutes to get to my targets, I would definitely be trying to train with kettlebells for every single rep.

If I have to do more reps to get a good workout, I’d probably be using resistance bands to help with the movement. 

Instead of just thinking about the weight you’re lifting, think about the resistance bands you’re using.

Do you have to hold your resistance bands on your wrist while you do your exercises?

Do you hold them on your fingers?

Do they have to be in a fixed position on your arms? 

I think the key to doing more resistance bands is using resistance that is a lot more effective for your body type than it is for other muscle groups.

For the most part, the most common resistance bands used for resistance training are ones that are a little more than a half inch wide and one inch thick. 

These are great bands to use for bodybuilding, but there are plenty of other options out there, like the Kettlebell Resistance Band (the same ones you see in the gym), the American Armory Kettle, or even the American Cross Fit Band. 

There are also some bands that are about two inches tall, and those are usually just for athletes, but even those are a good choice for general strength training as well. 

Finally, if you’re like me and have no idea how to use resistance bands properly, you can always try some of the resistance training exercises listed below. 

Resistance bands aren’t just for bodybuilders, either.

In fact, they can be used to help you get into the gym without the use of weights or other equipment. 

The American Armory and American CrossFit bands are good options for most people looking to do some basic resistance training. 

Kettlebell resistance bands are great for general resistance training too. 

A great option for a general resistance workout is to use a resistance band as a weight belt, but for people who want more specificity, you might want to add in resistance bands as your accessory exercises, such as a belt, grip grip, or kettlebell swings. 

For some people, resistance bands might be the best way to use their resistance training muscles.

For instance, if your primary strength training goal is to be stronger, you’ll probably want to use your resistance band to help improve your strength as well as your endurance and flexibility. 

To get the best out of a resistance training session, you need to know exactly what you want your training to look like. 

You should also be sure to keep your workouts simple, even if it means you’re wearing different bands for each workout. 

That said, for more advanced workouts, a resistance trainer might be a good option. 

So, if resistance bands can be the most effective way to help your muscles grow, then it’s a good idea to get used to using them for different movements. 

Don’t worry, I’m sure there are other ways to use them, so just go for it!

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