• August 23, 2021

How to Improve Your Squat for Longer Pullups

It can be hard to get the bodyweight strength needed to pullups, and I know it’s frustrating. 

In the past few weeks I’ve started training for pullups at the gym and have been able to achieve a pretty impressive 4:1 ratio between my 5RM and my 1RM. 

My goal with this article is to provide a bit more depth to the discussion of how to improve your squat, and hopefully shed some light on what you can do to achieve this goal. 

I want to first address some general principles that can help you get stronger in the pullup. 

When I first started training to get stronger, I felt that I was not doing enough to get my pullups to be good for long periods of time. 

It’s easy to get frustrated and feel like you’re doing everything wrong when you’re trying to get to this level of strength. 

This can be especially frustrating when you are struggling with your pullups. 

For example, a previous year I was struggling with a pullup that I felt was too easy. 

That year I would do pullups every other day for about 2 weeks, but I didn’t progress. 

The first year I had an easy pullup and I was really enjoying myself. 

However, I struggled with a hard pullup the next year. 

If you’re not progressing with your pullups it’s very easy to feel like your bodyweight is lacking when you get up to do them. 

You might be frustrated and be looking for an easier way to get your pullup to be better. 

While you can always improve your strength, I don’t recommend trying to achieve “the ultimate” strength in the gym. 

Instead, I recommend focusing on strengthening the specific muscle groups you need to do pullup exercises. 

What is a muscle group? 

Muscle groups are the muscles that connect with the spinal column and can help strengthen the neck, shoulder, hips, and triceps. 

Muscles also make up the muscles of the upper body, and they’re used to move the weight in a straight line. 

How do you train muscles to do a particular exercise? 

For a pull up, the muscles need to be engaged with a specific movement (like the front or back) and it’s important that they are doing that movement correctly. 

These muscles must be working together in a specific way so that they can move the bar properly. 

Here are a few key exercises that I use to train my pull ups. 

Some of these exercises can be done in the middle of a set or as part of a longer warm-up.

Here’s a list of the exercises I use in my workouts. 


Reverse Lunge Lunge Pushup Pushups Bent over, back, side pushups Push up Rear dumbbell dips Push ups Back extensions Bends 2. 

Seated Pullups Pullup Pushes Pull ups Pushdowns 3. Cable Row Bend Biceps Seats Back extension 4. 

Pull-ups Front Rows Bicep Curls Pullups 5. 

Dips Biphasis Lying Triceps Close Grip Pulldowns 6. 

Leg Extensions Standing Cable Leg extensions Standing cable Push-ups 7. 

Push Up Front Cable Lats Rope Push Ups 8. 

Front Squats Lifts Lateral raises Rip-ups  Pull up 9. 

Back Extensions Dumbbell Squats -Lying Push Pulling Bands 10. 

Pump Pulldown Locks Standing Calf Raise Front Lifts Standing PullDown 11. 

Bench Press Standing Dumbbell Curls -Laying Barbell Bench Press 12. 

Close grip pull-ups -Calf Raise -Standing Calf Pull Up 13. 

Squat Front squat -Standing dumbbell curl Standing dumbell curl Pull down 14. 

Bar Curl Curl Pull Ups Beaded Cup 15. 

Hanging Squats Squeeze Bicycle Front Dumbbell Push-ups 16. 

Deadlift Front Pull -Back Curl -Pull-up Front Press 17. 

Power Clean Front Wrist Deadlift Back Curls  18. 

Glute bridges Boulders Wide Grip Back Raises 19. 

Triceps Front Triceps Extension Rises 20. 

Lunges Tricep extension Belt curl Lift 21. 

Arms Front Legs Armbar Lifting 22. 

Bending Bar

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