• September 10, 2021

An explosive workout for the busy gym-goer

A day of intense cardio and an intense workout for a busy gym owner can prove to be quite the workout, if you can get past the busy hourglass of the office.

On Thursday, the Israeli-American journalist Shlomi Cohen, 28, joined Israeli President Shimon Peres for the weekly exercise session at a gym in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Cohen’s gym is a popular spot for working Israelis and tourists who frequent the area.

“I like to exercise in the morning, at noon and evening,” Cohen told Haaretz on Wednesday.

“I’ve been doing this for more than 10 years and I feel like it is something I should be proud of.

I like to work and to be active.”

During the exercise, Cohen is expected to do 20 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise with his hands tied behind his back, according to his trainer, Yossi Rabinovitch.

The gym is located in a building called a “super gym,” which specializes in high-end fitness equipment.

Rabinowitz explained that the owners of the gym were looking for a new way to get people moving during the day and have an active and social time.

“They have a huge clientele.

The whole thing is a very social space,” Rabinovsky told Ha’aretz.

“There is no real separation between the physical and the social.”

While Rabinovich said he was surprised that Cohen was able to do the exercise without breaking his legs, he added that it is possible that Cohen had a previous injury, like a fracture, that could have contributed to his injury.

Rabinovsky said he expects to be able to help Cohen move around the gym, but Cohen is still in the early stages of recovery.

“There are two possibilities: one is that he can come back to work.

The other possibility is that it’s the first time he has exercised for over a year,” he said.”

It’s a very challenging and long-term recovery, but he is doing well.

He feels very good.

He is very grateful for the support from all of his colleagues.”

While Cohen is in the midst of recovery, Rabinowsky said he has been working with Cohen on a book about his journey to the gym and what it was like to get to the point where he is now.

“In his book, he writes about his early years at the gym.

He was a young man who wanted to work out.

He did the gym because he wanted to make friends.

He wanted to be with his friends,” Raborovsky said.

The book is currently in pre-order.

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