• September 12, 2021

Cardio workouts that have the biggest impact on your health

The world is being rocked by an increasing trend of people focusing on cardio as their preferred exercise, according to research from the Australian National University.

Cardio is associated with higher mental wellbeing, better sleep and a longer lifespan, but is also associated with increased risk of heart disease, stroke and Type 2 diabetes.

“We know that cardiovascular activity is a major factor in our overall health,” lead researcher Dr. Lisa R. Miller said in a press release.

The researchers examined more than 30,000 adults aged from 21 to 79 who were recruited from a national database of Australian adults. “

One of the big challenges is we don [yet] understand how it does the brain and affects our mood and how much it affects how we think about the world around us.”

The researchers examined more than 30,000 adults aged from 21 to 79 who were recruited from a national database of Australian adults.

Participants were asked about their general health, diet, exercise habits and mental wellbeing and asked to report any problems that had been observed.

The researchers used the results to create a “psychological scorecard” that they then compared to information from the U.S. National Health Interview Survey.

“The scorecard shows that people who exercise more are less likely to develop depression, stress and anxiety, as well as having higher levels of life satisfaction and happiness,” Miller said.

The scorecard also revealed that people with more aerobic activity were more likely to have higher levels in brain chemicals that regulate mood, which may help explain why people who are more active in the physical realm are more likely than those who don’t exercise.

“The more physical activity, the more your brain is going to work to regulate your mood and to keep you sane,” Miller told ABC News.

“And it’s not just about just aerobic activity.

It’s also about other things like mental health, and we don�t know how the brain works.

It is something that we need to look into further.”

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