• September 29, 2021

Polygon: A bodybuilding workout that will work for both genders

It’s not the first time Polygon has interviewed the same person, but it’s definitely the most recent one.

We’ve also had to go back and revisit some old articles in the past, and that’s what led us to the latest one.

We interviewed James McDonough, founder of Fitness Guys, who is now in his late 30s and still in the process of building up his physique.

In this new interview, we asked McDonagh about how he came up with the idea of his first bodybuilding class.

The first workout McDonogh created for himself was a bodybuilding session where he would put on some heavy lifting clothes and then perform a bodyweight push-up on the side.

He says it was a pretty unique way to build muscle.

“I’ve been doing push-ups since I was about 11 years old,” he tells Polygon.

“And I was always a big push-over.

I think that’s where I really started to really get my bodybuilding fitness started.”

When I got the idea that I wanted to do a body-weight push up, I thought I could probably do it with some heavy clothes on, and just put them on the floor, so it could be done with no clothes.

That was something I’ve always liked doing.

So I went out and got a couple of weights and a bench and just went with it.

I was doing it for a couple months, and then I went back to doing it at home with a few friends.

It really took off.

I started doing it with my girlfriend at the time, and we were just all doing it all the time.

Then one day, I was going to get a phone call and she was like, ‘Hey, you’re doing it again?’.

So I was like ‘Yeah, yeah.’

“It’s a really great way to train your body for your competition.

It’s really nice to have a bodybuilder on your team and it’s great to get people to do it.”

When we first started doing the session, we had no idea what we were doing was going into a gym.

It was a really cool idea.

It worked pretty well for me, and it was great for my girlfriend, and she loved it too.

“I think it was just a natural progression from just doing some weight training, and really being in the gym,” he says.

“It’s like doing cardio or weight training at home, and you can just go to the gym and just go home and have fun and have a workout.

You’re not going to look at the clock and say, ‘I have to train today.'”

So we started doing a lot of pull-ups and leg lifts, and I also started doing some bodyweight exercises.

It kind of took off from there.

“We were going to do this one and we wanted to get some body fat out of it.

So we just did it for about two weeks.

Then, after we got a few more body fat, we just kind of got a little tired of doing it and we decided to just stop doing it.

We didn’t really know what we wanted the workout to be.

We were just trying to keep up with my goals.”

We ended up doing it a lot and it kind of worked out well, and for the most part, people enjoyed it.

But the biggest thing that I think people are really looking forward to is a lot more of the same.

“But I’m able to do the same kind of workouts as any other bodybuilder, so I’m going to have that workout for the rest of my life. “

The hardest part about it for me is that I’m a body builder, and they can’t get me to do bodybuilding workouts,” he explains.

“But I’m able to do the same kind of workouts as any other bodybuilder, so I’m going to have that workout for the rest of my life.

I just really enjoy it.”

McDonagh says the session was pretty easy to pull off, because he had all of his clothes on.

“The biggest thing is, the workout was a lot less strenuous than if you were doing it on your own,” he said.

“You don’t have to sweat all that much.”

There are some downsides to a body fitness workout, however.

“If you’re not in the best shape, there’s a lot going on,” he explained.

“When you’re at your best, you can do a lot.

I would say that’s pretty good, but you can still get a little bit worn down if you don’t do a good workout.”

Mcdonagh adds that he would have loved to have had a gym for his workouts, but at the end of the day, he says, he would still have done them if he could have done more.

“If I had more time, I would definitely do a different workout,” he concludes. “For me,

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