• October 12, 2021

Why I wear thigh workouts instead of workout shorts

My wife has asked me why I wear workout shorts instead of thigh workouts.

She’s right.

It’s because she knows how I feel about thigh workouts and her thighs.

We both like them and we both love to do them, and we know that’s the most comfortable way to look in a bikini.

But, when you do them in thigh-high boots, they feel like the worst look.

My wife also has a bad reaction to the ankle-high socks.

She loves them, but she just can’t get them out of her head.

Here’s why.

I’ve seen it all before.

In the 1980s, I wore thigh-deep socks in high heels, and the look was the same, but the socks were shorter and I could move them around a bit.

Then, in the 1990s, my mom wore thigh socks in thigh high boots, and she loved them.

She said, “They make your toes look so much more feminine.”

But then I noticed that when I wore my leg length socks, they were more revealing.

And I wondered, “Wait a minute, what if I wore ankle socks in them?”

The answer was a leg length ankle sock.

It was just shorter and the ankle sock was a bit wider.

So, in 1996, I began wearing thigh socks and knee-high sneakers.

Now, I love knee-length ankle socks, and I love the knee-wide ankle socks that I wear in high-heeled sandals.

But for the past several years, I’ve been wearing thigh-long socks in knee-long ankle sandals and high-leather boots.

I’m a fan.

I think they are more comfortable and less distracting.

I love that they look more feminine, and they are a more stylish way to wear the bikini.

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