• October 13, 2021

80s gym gear and clothes

There’s a lot of 80s fitness gear out there.

You can get your workout clothes for the kids, wear them to the office or to the beach.

The only problem is there’s a limited supply of good quality workout clothes and the prices are pretty steep.

And if you want to go the full 80s-style workout, you can’t buy those expensive workout clothes anymore.

Here are some of the great 80s gear from the 80s that you can buy online or in your local thrift shop.


80s Workout Shorts (or Swimsuits) article The 90s were an amazing time for kids and for adult life.

This is a great 90s workout wear from the 70s and the 80.

The shorts have great details and they’re super soft.

You’ll look awesome and get that perfect 80s vibe.


80’s Workout T-Shirt (or Sweater) article This is an 80s workout shirt.

The fabric is soft and you can see the sweat that has been applied to the shirt over the years.

The T-shirt has a very classic design and you’ll wear it to the gym.


80 ’90s Workouts Sweatshirt (or Dress) article If you like the 80’s workout wear, this shirt is a good buy.

The sweatshirt has a cool silhouette and is perfect for the summer.


80 Summer ’90 Sports T-shirts (or Trousers) article You might be tired of the 90s fitness clothes, but there are plenty of great 80’s style t-shirts out there for the winter months.

The style is casual and the fabric is not too heavy.

The shirt is not as durable as a T- Shirt, but it will hold up well in the cold.


80′s T-Tops for Men (or Women) article They’re a great way to look cool and look like a rock star, but this 80s TTS is not only a great workout shirt, but also great for men or women.

The high-quality cotton t-tops have a cool and retro look and the fit is perfect.


80″ 80s Sports Trench Coat (or Suit) article With a retro design and a classic look, this 80″ Trench coat is a classic and a great buy.


80 Socks (or Shoes) article These socks are great for kids.

They are very comfortable, soft and look great.

Kids will love the socks.


80 80s Style T- Shirts (or Jeans) article A great 80′ style shirt.

You get a classic 80s style, and the price is right.


80 Cool 80s Shoes (or Skis) article Cool 80′ shoes for kids or adults.

They’re super cute and the leather sole is really cool.


80 Kids 80s Clothing (or Gear) for the Gym article These 80′ workout clothing for kids is great for the gym or for home.

It’s a great choice for children and teens, or for adults who like to look good in casual clothes.


80th Anniversary 80s Sweatshirts article This 80s sweatshirt is great to wear on the road or at home.

The 90′s style sweatshirts are great to take to the park or in the pool.


80 Sports Shoes for Kids (or Tennis Shoes) source The 80s tennis shoes are a great style for kids who love to wear casual clothes and sneakers.


80 60s Sweatpants (or Tank Top) article An 80s sweatpants is a perfect choice for a great 80° day workout.

The soft fabric will hold your body temperature in the summer and you get a great fit.


80 Skiing Tops for Kids or Women (or Vest) source Kids and women can be adventurous, so this 80° ski tee or ski skirt is a fun way to dress up.

It has a classic design with a cool retro look.


80-80s Fashion T- Tops and Skis article Kids and men can look great in casual and high-end 80° clothes.

The low-profile tee or skirt is perfect to wear to the pool or the gym when you want a casual look.


80 Surf Sweatsuit (or Surf Tops) source This is great gear for surfers.

This 80° surf swimsuit has a modern design and is super comfortable.


80 Beach T-shirts and Jeans (or Jackets) source Surf gear can be super casual and cute, so these 80° beach t-shirt and jeans are a perfect way to wear.


80 Shoes for Men or Women source These 80° shoes are perfect for men and women.

You have to look like you’re a rockstar, but the high- quality leather sole gives this

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