• November 1, 2021

Which workout shoes work best for women?

In a new study, women who work out with their feet in a traditional fashion, wearing traditional shoes, have significantly lower rates of cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality than women who are less likely to wear shoes, according to researchers from the University of Washington.

In addition, women with feet that are naturally wider than normal are significantly less likely than women with wider feet to experience any type of joint discomfort, such as arthritis, said researcher Laura Hagen of the University’s Department of Preventive Medicine.

The findings appear online Feb. 19 in the journal The Lancet.

In a separate study, researchers at Johns Hopkins University also found that women with narrower feet were at increased risk for developing a range of serious conditions, including osteoarthritis, which has a higher mortality rate than women of wider feet.

In other words, women whose feet are naturally narrower are more likely to develop osteoarcotic joint disease, and the narrower feet may be more easily injured, according the research.

Women who work on a treadmill with their hands are the only group of women who have a higher risk of developing osteoarthropathy, or joint disease related to obesity, the researchers found.

They also found a higher likelihood that women who worked out in a chair or with a walker or a cane would have lower levels of the inflammatory marker TNF-α, which increases inflammation and can contribute to arthritis.

The findings add to a growing body of evidence that suggests women’s bodies may be changing.

In 2014, researchers in Australia reported that women are at increased risks of developing arthritis, but it was thought that the link was due to an increased risk of arthritis among women who exercised more often.

In that study, they also reported a higher rate of developing knee osteoarticular arthritis, a joint disease that is more common among men.

In the new study published in The Lancet, Hagen and colleagues looked at data from more than 1,500 women who completed the Body Mass Index (BMI) questionnaire, a test of body fat distribution.

The researchers asked each woman about her physical activity, and how often she exercised and how much weight she gained.

They compared BMI scores of each woman with a comparison group of people who were not asked about their exercise habits, and found that the women with narrow feet had higher BMI scores than the other groups.

Hagen said the results suggest women may have a genetic predisposition to developing osteochondrosis, a form of arthritis caused by the growth of calcified cartilage and other hard-to-remove tissue.

She added that the results are consistent with other studies in which researchers have found that a number of women are more at risk of joint and bone disease.

“It’s really about the biomechanics of the body,” she said.

“It’s about biomechanical factors that lead to these things.”

In the study, Hagan said the researchers did not have enough data to determine if the narrow feet are linked to a specific genetic trait.

However, the findings are a significant improvement on previous research that found narrow feet may have different risk factors than wide feet.

Hag and her colleagues did find that narrow feet were associated with a higher level of inflammation.

In that study conducted in 2007, Hager found that people with narrow legs were more likely than those with wide legs to have high levels of inflammation, a finding she described as “remarkable.”

“This study is really the best evidence yet to suggest that narrow footedness is associated with an increased prevalence of arthritis, osteo-arthritis and joint disease,” Hager said in a statement.

“In other studies, the association between narrow and wide feet has been largely seen as a cause of increased inflammation in women and men.

The results of this study provide strong evidence that this may not be the case.”

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