• July 23, 2021

How to Fit into your Fitbit® workout without losing the shape you’re in

Fitbit is taking its fitness tracking and fitness technology to a whole new level with the launch of a slim waist workout app.The app lets users measure their waist and waist-to-hip ratio, and can track the exact position of your waist in relation to your hips and thighs.You can also measure your fitness using a…

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Gym workout: How to hit a fitness goal without leaving your feet open

Exercise isn’t always easy, but a workout routine that involves a lot of movement is just as good as any other.Here’s how to work out in a variety of styles, from walking to cycling to jogging.In the video below, the fitness pros at The Workout Lab teach you how to hit your fitness goals without…

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How To Run A Workout Set For Your Fitbit tracker

It’s not every day you get to put together a workout set for your Fitbit, but the company’s recently released a set of workouts that you can do on a stationary bike.The workouts are designed to help you burn off energy and improve your performance, which are both key for running.You can see them below,…

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How to Train for a Body-Piercing Medicine Ball workout

You can train for a body-piercing medicine ball workout if you want to, but you need to be realistic.First, you’ll want to do a body workout that will last a week, not the month.Second, you will want to focus on using the same workout routine over and over again.And finally, you may not be able…

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How To Find The Best Workout Shoes

Workout shoes can have a huge impact on your workout.Here’s our advice on choosing the best workout shoes for the best benefit.source Google Sports title A look at the best fitness shoes article The Best Fitness Shoes for You: An infographic from The Bigger Picture.source BiggerPicture.com

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A new yoga technique for burning belly fat

This article has been republished by the Times of India on the occasion of National Yoga Day on November 12. This article has also been reposted by the Guardian in India on November 11.

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