40 will be able to stay fit

The increase at the age of 40. So you busy all day office and family disputes. Due to his frustration and fatigue when you are surrounded, then the pressure on the body. Is a pain in the neck-waist. But every day you go to work pressures. But while you should be aware. So I went there to read the face of the waist. However, for the money you do not have to run to the gym.

The increase at the age of 40

His  home without a few simple ways you can stay fit.

Sakale up if you do not practice, you do not go to the alarm in the morning for no reason. But the day came when his free hand up to 10-15 minutes before exercise, and stretching and meditaion habit. It’s neat to see the day when a half-hour.If you want to shed the extra fat and to increase metabolic rate, low or medium intensity cardio exercise that you can do.

Walk 40 minutes to 1 hour of the day ⇔. Keep up to speed slowly walked down the walk. If you can walk in the morning is very good, but can not find the time if the work load, then return to the office at the time of evening hours walking a little way back. Water for tea or coffee in the office not to tell anyone else, go and get himself up.

Ekata to keep in mind. Before starting the warm-up exercise should be exercised.

⇔ walk or go jogging with you when you take a bottle of water. Eat a little bit in the water. The body is haidreteda.

⇔ do not want to exercise on an empty stomach. Take 15 minutes before exercising and eat something light. You can eat a handful of almonds or a papaya or apples.

⇔ breakfast, lunch or dinner, do not go after the oyarkaauta. It would be counterproductive

. But many times they have heard the word. Because only one of the most effective ways to stay fit and medahina. Lift using the stairs to fluctuations. 5 times a day fluctuations chatala home if you can, then it is equal to 30 minutes jaginyera.

A do not agree. The obligation to respect the exercise routine. Otherwise, it would not be profitable. After 3 days seems to be a lot of exercise, take a little repose, then you do not have to. If you do not want, need regular exercise.


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