5 foods to prevent breast cancer

breast cancerAccording to a recent study, 50 women with breast cancer from 5 to 50 years of age in the majority. Not only that, twenty years younger than women infected with cancer is widespread.

That could prevent breast cancer, there is no specific diet. The idea is that healthy eating may reduce the risk of breast cancer. Here are five foods that list was given a significant role in the prevention of breast cancer.

1. Spinach vegetables: Researchers say women who regularly eat spinach and vegetables of 40 percent less likely to have their breast cancer. An important element of the vegetable to attack breast cancer and destroy bacteria. As a result of playing regular vegetables can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

II. Broccoli: breast cancer salaphoraphena the material was enriched broccoli is considered one of the best foods. The study found that breast cancer cells to destroy harmful broccoli salaphoraphena material plays an important role.

3. Mushrooms: fresh mushrooms to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women pre-menopajala a significant role. There is a type of mushroom ayantiaksidyantasa laragothiyoneina such material; Which works to prevent breast cancer.

4. Yellow: This spice contains chemicals called Curcumin. According to a study conducted on 007 rats in America, other parts of the body to prevent the spread of breast cancer cells pose a huge role Curcumin. Multiple laboratory research can be seen, there karakiuminera of the impact of cancer.

5. Pomegranate: tasty and healthy foods containing material bedanaya known as the increase in breast cancer prevention work. Estrogen dependent cancers, especially. A study in the United States, pomegranate is full of koyasamuha elajika acid. Which played a leading role in the prevention of breast cancer.

Scientists have discovered that there are some breast cancer in the body due to emissions of chemicals that create holes in the bone. Another type of cancer, which can create.

Once the cancer spreads to the bones, but the treatment is difficult.

In this study, researchers at the University of Copenhagen, says Dr. Earl Jenin, they have to make sure the bones of breast cancer cells can spread.

Medical science has found a way to stop this process, the creation of a new gimmick will

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