Asthma during pregnancy

Asthma during pregnancyInflammatory respiratory disease asthma. Symptoms, difficulty in breathing, the sound of breathing, chest pain and cough. These are usually more at night.

Child during the mother’s womb, little more than a matter of shortness of breath. The difference is due to hormonal changes and the positions of the lungs during pregnancy. Therefore, if any one of the first signs of asthma, then it really becomes difficult to evaluate whether asthma.

100 percent of pregnant women suffer from asthma are three or four. Uncontrolled asthma during pregnancy can cause danger for the mother and child. Such as low birth weight baby, the baby before the birth, the mother’s blood pressure to rise, as the pre-ekalampasiya. Many times the mother and the child’s death becomes uncontrolled asthma. When asthma is under control, but it does not cause harm to the unborn child.

Those who have asthma or asthma in pregnancy has been diagnosed, the doctor should first be monitored on a regular basis.

Asthma or shortness of breath and difficulty when everyone will have similar symptoms, it is not. Respiratory levels are different types of their own. Usually such an inhaler to relieve shortness of breath ayadarenarjika antagonist and contortionists are used.

In the face of the other drugs are Sebastiano Diophantine, mantilla, hyphenation, steroid tablets. Mothers with asthma safe for the child to use drugs. Types of drugs that are commonly used for treatment, it is not harmful for the child.

Or digestive problems, gastritis can increase the incidence of asthma. So, if this problem should be controlled by taking medicine. Must be extra careful when taking food. Do not eat more than once over a three to four hours after eating the food and go to sleep.

That is more than the amount of respiratory mothers, seven months after the pregnancy should be mindful of the movement of the child on a regular basis. If the movement of the child feels less need to consult a gynecologist.

Shortness of breath or asthma increases due to the allergic reactions of the need to stay away from it. Influenza vaccination is effective in reducing the incidence of asthma. It can be given at any time While it is conceived. There is no fear of damage.

Mothers with asthma should be given breast milk. This will increase the child’s immune system and will help you stay protected from future asthma.

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