Medicinal ‘chocolate coming to market

 Mēḍisināla' cakalēṭa āsachē bājārē Medicinal 'chocolate coming to marketWho does not love to eat chocolate! From the love of all that is old is ready for the baby to eat. Do not use more fat and sugar are exorbitant, people started to be aware of the body and likely can not avoid. Chocolate can be heard playing a lot more time, was I fat. It did not say doctors to treat more children. There is only one reason-fat and sugar.
But the thumb of the causes of the ‘medicinal’ chocolate to bring a US organization. Usually 70 percent of chocolate fat. But the organization working in the US claim, this new kind of chocolate will have very low levels of fat. Only 35 percent. The main ingredient of chocolate, kyakao. This kind of anti-aksidyanta snayutantrake and minerals, which protects the body. And helps to reduce blood pressure and stroke.
Kyakao very bitter. Most of the sweetness of the chocolate, so bring plenty of companies that use sugar. Much quality is lost as a result of kyakao the scientists said.
Boston is America’s chocolate company in an attempt to remove the bitterness kyakaoyera Bolivia and Peru began to experiment with a variety of medicinal uses. The company claims that the use of herbal kyakaoyera titakute bhabatakeo has been eliminated as well as maintaining his quality is there. They have been able to reduce the level of fat. A top official of the company said, the next day, fat and sugar to their chocolate will try to bring it down to 10 percent. He also said the unhealthy elements can be removed from the chocolate, then it can be eaten as a medicine. According to the company, the use of chocolate as a result of artificial suitanara exorbitant increase in body weight, as well as, a variety of problems. The chocolate market in the next year, the company said it


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