pre-menstrual80% of women suffer from pain in abdominal pain before menstruation
Avoid foods and snacks 10 prr-menstrual pain or Asama
* Avoid high salt food and coffee. Eat more fruits and fiber-rich foods in the pre-menstrual week.
* Get more exercise.
* Eat vitamins, B6, and vitamin E, “Khan said. There is evidence that they work well.
* Eat more ginger. Ginger tea can benefit.
* Stress reduction through the day. Sleep more. Ghumahinata more pain increased.
* Eat light analgesic. NSE aibupruphena pills, such as the ID.
* Low-dose birth control pills. Works as a drug.
* Tell the doctor, you can take drugs, whether the release of emotional despair.
* Urine daiiuretiksa Eat more of the pills. Can be reduced.
* Make a chart of monthly-east. See, you’re suffering from depression again!

Head pain
Closely tied to the stress and headaches. So 7 of relaxation method to relieve head
* Massage, to relax.
* Breathe loudly. The whole stomach is filled with air. Then leave quietly.
* To calm your mind. Imagine a quiet restful atmosphere. Imagine the sea shore. Get rid of the pain in your mind.
* Listen to the song. Listen to the song beautifully harmonious bland.
* 10-minute muscle relaxation exercise.
* Please meditaion.
* 1 hour walk every day.

Newborn Jaundice
* 80 per cent or less nabajatakai suffer from jaundice.
* The one thing is, jaundice and jaundice in adults.
* Such is the shortage of liver enzymes in most cases.
* If you do not need to worry much.
* More breast-feeding.
* No, the sun does not need deyaara. Sun damage can be reversed. Can cause eye damage.
* If you think the yellow to the nearest doctor.
* If the bilirubin check. Therapy treatment can take a lot of photos.

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