Panic Attack

Panic AttackPanic attack or sudden atankagrasthata ‘symptoms of a mental disease, the symptoms of the American Psychiatric Association in the diesaema stay. Mentioned symptoms are:
* Under normal circumstances suddenly afraid to appear in person.
* At least 4 times a month or several times to attack. However, once again, the fear remained strong.
At the time of the disease for at least the following symptoms
4 of the symptoms
1. The sudden palpitations, shortness of breath, feeling or irregular heartbeat
II. Excessive sweating
3. Fear of death
4. Hand-foot paralyzed the / whole body was shivering
5. Head-nose-ear-throat-neck with the hot steam out
6. Chest pain and discomfort
7. Certain throat feeling / nausea / abdominal discomfort feeling
8. Dizzy / stands / mild pain / unwisely fall
9. Dislike in fear of losing control
10. Fears of mad
11. Abnormal fear of something
1. Everything seems to be around strangers
The symptoms of panic attacks during the mentioned contingents at least 4 symptoms in 10 minutes to reach severe levels. There is no physical reason. It is noticeable that there is drug addiction as a cause.
This disease is caused by the condition of the person pariparsika, jaira chemical interactions of the brain for a long time due to stress, hereditary reasons, samabhra ƒ o or identical twins are more common than a tendency to suffer from the same disease. While the focus of this disease have been tested sthayu chemical bhioi naraipinephrina ipinephrina and called on the two niurotransamitarera. Ponce of the brain called the nucleus kosara news lokasaseruliyasa transactions using the naraipinephrinake. If you are angry and afraid lokasaseruliyasake ipinephrina secreted by the behavior of animals can be seen in this case occurs.
According to the concept of brain lactate and carbon dioxide between the blood pieicake down very quickly. People who suffer from panic attack panic attack is seen as a result of their body Push karal lactic acid, the more carbon dioxide in respiratory gas aisoproterenala or caffeine, or if you have the same symptoms.
Some of the physical symptoms of the disease are similar to the symptoms of these panic attack or sudden Panic. And that’s why a lot of people out of all physical ailments hayeeecha mistaken. One eyanajaina diseases, maitrala prolepasa valve, heart failure, asthma, bronchitis, low thyroid hormone illnesses haramonajanita ardhikya, Pancreatic tumors, postmenopausal women, etc. sisatemikalapasa irathometasasa.
Other mental disorders
Or with-in
1. Grundyism
II. Long-term
3. Social scare
4. Eyagorophobiya
5. After a panic attack may be giving up drugs.
What might be the consequences of this disease for a long time and look at it there is no bhugale
Poisoning œ Taya suffer, roaring involvement, sleep problems, eyagorophobiya, suicidal thoughts or trend, the human body resparetari systems negative impact, while the proper treatment, purchase of these patients, several doctors from door to door is gone, and all of herself at the end of a big disease patients considered or a heart patient to leave the work.

Through a combination of medication and psychological treatment is the treatment of this disease. The disease in which drugs are drugs in the field of air and 5% to 30% or 50%, from just under 40 percent to help. The approach of psychologists ‘kaganetibha bihyabiyara therapy’ is implemented most effectively applied. This therapy will not avoid the fear of the disease and how to cope with her parents is to teach the patient to be recovering quickly. The ‘C B T’ medical system can easily be cured. However, if long-term treatment are possible Absolutely! Convalesce. The infected person will continue regular operations. Of how to handle these patients, it is important that other people will know bhittite.
Above all, the social awareness of the disease, accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients with overall responsibility to ensure that our social

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