Abortion may occur due to the nine

Abortion may occur due to the nineWomen’s life in the most unexpected event of a miscarriage. At the very painful to his partner. A recent American study, 1025 pregnant women during pregnancy and 0 percent of abortions occur in the week before. Because of this tragedy 9 Check.

1. Gene or chromosome abnormalities Most miscarriages occur due to genetic or chromosomal caused. These Down syndrome, Turner’s syndrome or cystic phiborosisa known. The chromosomes are due to physiological wrong direction. In case of abortion doctors should be given the responsibility of finding the cause.

II. Sperm DNA structure: Abortion may be another factor, broken eggs, sperm DNA can provide efficiently. The problem can occur if sperm abortion.

3. Hormone: A woman’s body projesterana hormonal problems may be due to lack of proper pregnancy.

4. Contact Dermatitis: America is one of the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics survey, one in every four women who are obese before they became pregnant. It is the leading cause of miscarriage may be.

5. Balanced translocation carrier: both men and women that occurs when the gene is in the wrong position. Before the production of sperm and egg cell division and genetic position is usually not a malfunction.

6. Abnormalities of the uterus: the uterus, from genetic problems, but there is a risk of miscarriage. Usually grows in the uterus tissue is called excess sepatama. The circulation process is different than the other parts of the uterus. Sepatame jayagata the structure, but there is the possibility of abortion.

7. Ayantiphasapholipida syndrome: a condition when it left ayantiphasapholipida antibody blood clot thikathike liquid. It prevents the formation of the womb, and abortion becomes jaigota.

8. Drugs and toxic substances: smoking, alcohol addiction and other drug use is abortion.

9. The virus attacks the lining of the uterus, which maikroplajama a type of infection. The excess does not cause any problems

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