Seven ways to reduce stress

Seven ways to reduce stressLet us stress of modern day life of the citizens of busy being tied to swaddle. Due to the different physical and mental stress, many people are being affected. However, there are some simple ways to control stress. This article includes six ways to reduce stress.
1. Smile
Pranakhola laughter can be shaken off much of the anxiety and stress. When you succumb to the stress of a busy day of fun when the family member or friend with some of the fun day, see a funny movie or read any books in the pranakhule Smile funny. This will increase the supply of oxygen to your body, circulation dynamic and stress by itself can be reduced.
II. Pet Company
Many of the animals as well as people stay faithful accomplice. The emotional bond between pets is associated with many masters. Given the company of animals, caring for them, or the psychological comfort that comes with the sport. Changes in hormone levels in the body and reduce stress.
3. Manage
Is your room messy? There are many messy things scattered around your workplace? Both in the home or workplace stress can cause a mess of things. However, there is no alternative to reducing stress to manage

4. fruit juice
To reduce stress, drink fruit juice. Several elements of the fruit juice with vitamin C will help reduce your stress. Orange material will help reduce stress hormones in your body katisala.
5. Song
Reduce stress, an effective daoyai throated singing. It will be your good throat, there is no such word. Study, singing, reduce your stress and increase peace of mind. As well as to increase the effectiveness of the lungs and heart

6. Walk
Like a simple physical training can reduce stress. As a result, the body is nihsbarana walk endoraphinasa hormones. It creates a good feeling. Hamtalei 30 minutes, enough to reduce daily stress.
7. Sexuality
Several studies have shown, as well as the role of drugs, sex, reduce stress. However, there are couples who never missed a chance to reduce the stress should not be.
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