Hearing problemsThe older the person, the more likely they are to suffer hearing problems. A recent study based on the stats, the researchers said. According to a report by Fox News.
According to researchers, hearing the old man’s death, they are more likely to suffer problems. However, the specific cause is not known to be more likely.
Chief Kevin kanatera researchers said the most common is called, will be more patient with hearing problems will be more likely to die. ”
Kanatera and his fellow researchers wrote in the Journal of jeeemae otolarinolaji-Head and Neck Surgery Department. Kanatera Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore medical researcher.
According to the researchers, two-thirds of people over the age of 70 hearing to listen to the issues or problems. The researchers analyzed data of 1,666 adults. 200506 and 200910 of them in the research conducted. 011 The record of their death are reviewed.
It can be seen, sattarordha Individuals whose hearing problems are likely to increase death rates. In this study, people with moderate or severe hearing mrtyujhumki illness is more common than the others 54 percent. On the other hand there are those little hearing problem mrtyujhumki is 7 percent.
Regular hearing tests for older people to tackle the problem, and according to the experts talking about the need for a doctor’s advice