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Bath to stay healthy this “special” ways

Bath to stay healthy

Nowadays, often headache, fatigue, mental exhaustion, sadness, stress ittadite suffer? I do not like anything about the particular life seemed to fade? Remember that your body is responsible for dusanatai! Environmental pollution from contaminated food, all the assorted pollutants entering your body every day. But what they are going to come out? No, but there’s always this better. Therefore, little by little, day by day and they’re going to be sick. What to do? Know how to bathe the little witch, which is far from your body when the contaminated material and keep you healthy. 5. In addition to the illness in this way will many other disease away. Let’s assume that.
Which will
1 handful of salt ipasama
1½ tsp baking soda
10 drops of essential oil
Lavender essential oil to relax away the stress experience, fatigue Grapefruit essential oil, Peppermint essential oil to relieve physical and emotional closure, to dispel sadness Cedarwood Essential Oil, Chamomile & Rosemary essential oil to relieve head pain to use. This oil will grow Cosmetics stores. Alamasasa will look at foreign products are now available in stores. Can make a big super market.
The bath
Mix all of the ingredients of bathatabe with warm water.
-Then Stay in the water for 15 to 0 minutes. Relax.
There yadera bathtub, they pour water in the body very slowly with 1520 minutes. Do not let the head. Rakhunaetao paduto soaked in water contaminated with this material helps.
Then in general the common cold water bath to recover.
Saptahe 21 times the wash.
Of course, remember to drink plenty of water during this period. Before the start of a bath, sitting in the bathtub and shower at least 3 glasses of water to drink. The body will be easier to clean.