Bath to stay healthy this “special” ways


A widely circulated newspaper in the country, I’m working on. My relationship with a girl five years ago. After a long time to get to know her son had the other two. Even a physical relationship with his son. I accept that one stage. Sometimes, she entered into a relationship of another. My quarrel with him about this matter. He did not talk to him about a month.
This month, the boy she married into another. I was very shocked to hear the news. After I contacted him to hear. Three days after the wedding, the girl came to our house. After his brother was with him. With the assurance that our family would consent to marry him, but the next day they sent her home.
He had no contact with him for a long time. Suddenly started to communicate. And the happy or not. Cried several times. I had to take. Her husband physically weak. Not interested in a physical relationship. I have a daughter. I want to marry. I have compassion for him, but it is still my family Just make believe. And wants to be released from the turmoil. What do I do now?
See brother, to marry divorcee is not bad at all. But I do not think you should be married to her. But I also do not think that any type of relationship with this girl, you can not keep.

Some people want to love the physical relationship is important, and maybe that’s one of your alleged lover. Because you have a relationship with the love and physical condition, then get married within just 1 month, again fleeing with you, now try again to leave her husband for the sake of a physical relationship … This is all for that indication. Brother can not guarantee that if you meet the requirements do not give up on this girl?
I think she does not know himself what he wants in life. Besides, just think, what if there is no physical intimacy with her husband, she would date? Moreover, your key to the right of a child to be separated from his father?
Most importantly, she was unable Khon faithful love with you, he is faithful to her husband. He is thinking about another marriage without divorce. These are all signs of weak and corrupt mentality. If your place I would certainly move away from the relationship.